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5 Suggestions to help kids feel secure and truly happy

“I just want my kids to be happy” Seeking for your child to feel secure over being happy will help them more in the long run. I often hear parents say that they just want their kids to be happy.  Who can blame them?  I think that’s what every parent really wants for his or her kids.  However, if we as parents aim for our kids’ immediate happiness, we will often miss the mark on their overall happiness. Have you

Conflict, Then Resolution

Recently, there seems to be a pattern among the families that I have been working with as a therapist.  The pattern starts by the child acting rude and disrespectful.  The parent then gets offended and upset and eventually sends the child to their room.  Afterwards, nothing is really talked about or resolved between the parent and the child related to the situation that occurred. After a while of following this pattern, kids stop liking being around their parents and the

How can I have more influence on my children?

Take a minute to think about someone who had a wonderful influence on you in your life.  As soon as you have that person in your mind think about how you would describe that person?  Would you use words like kind, patient, loving, or empathetic?  Could you say that person was caring or that he or she treated you with respect?  Would you say that it was easy or hard to learn from that person? Now think about someone who